Lakeport Community Seventh-day Adventist Church

Our Local Church

The Lakeport Community Seventh-day Adventist Church is part of a worldwide church composed of over 15 million members. We are a friendly community of Christians looking for the soon return of Jesus Christ. As we wait we are working in our communities to share Christ in spiritual and practical ways. We are also committed to being a part of our local communities as a Christian church, sharing our church facilities and providing wholistic programs to meet every part of a person’s life.

We do this through our Community Services program that provides food and clothing to anyone needing temporary assistance. Prayer is offered along with free Bible study guides if a person desires to have these.

Our Pathfinder club works with 12-16 year old youth in developing skills of character building, marching, crafts, camping, hikes, and many other activities. The program is open to anyone wishing to participate. The weekly Sabbath School programs offer classes for children from birth through young adult. Again, anyone wanting to have their children involved with learning about Jesus is invited to attend.

We have a Men’s and Women’s Ministries for spiritual growth and community service. A weekly mid-week study group takes place each Wednesday, as do several small home study groups. All are open to anyone wanting to attend and be involved. Saturday study groups begin at 9:30 a.m. at the church.

A new program that is just starting is our community garden. We hope to provide fresh produce for our members and for people in the community needing this support. We are also involved with the Lake County Women’s Shelter that serves women who are victims of domestic violence. Our church is trying to contribute to the “green” environmental issues through a fully powered solar system to provide all the church’s’ electricity needs and landscaping that is environmentally positive.

Recently we finished a Diabetes Seminar with over 40 people participating. Other health programs will be offered during the year such as a vegetarian/vegan cooking school. Grief Recovery is offered to those with a death in their lives. The pastor is always available to listen and provide pastoral support and counsel for anyone in the community.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church

The mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is to proclaim to all people the everlasting gospel in the context of the Three Angels' messages of Revelation 14:6-12. The commission of Jesus Christ motivates us to lead others to accept Jesus as their personal savior and to unite with His church, nurturing them in preparation for His soon return. That's at the heart of the church's mission and is accomplished through preaching, teaching and health ministries. Seventh-day Adventists want to be a reflection of all that Jesus Christ has modeled for us. The Bible is the defining authority for understanding God’s character in our daily living of representing Him to the world.

From its beginning, the church was intentional to articulate and practice its mission by communicating the message of the gospel throughout the world. The term “global mission” is synonymous with reaching the peoples of the world no matter where they are, and in the context of their lives. Adventists are a global community. Adventists are committed to making education accessible everywhere. At the heart of the Adventist education system is the conviction that every individual should have the opportunity to study and grow.

Adventists also believe in living a wholistsic Christian life—the spiritual, mental, social, and physical—thus you will find Seventh-day Adventists involved in promotion of health and wholeness living. Recognized as a growing church, Seventh-day Adventists are involved in providing betterment for all human beings and especially reaching out to provide practical help to those affected by disaster or those requiring development assistance.

“Do unto others . . .” is a phrase known to Seventh-day Adventists. In order to accomplish the mission goals of the Christian church, Adventists are promoters of human freedom and responsibility, especially emphasizing freedom of religion for all peoples.